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Kenny David

Assistant Commissioner of Forests, FLEGT Secretariat, Guyana Forestry Commission

Phone: +592-226-7271-4

Esther Sam

Principal Legal Adviser, Attorney General's Chambers

Phone: 592-231-7388

Ruslin Richards

Technical Officer, FLEGT Secretariat, Guyana Forestry Commission

Laura Singh

Industry and Product Development Officer - Forest Products Development and Marketing Council of Guyana

Phone: 592-223-5135-6

Pradeepa Bholanauth

Head, Planning and Development Division, Guyana Forestry Commission

Phone: 592 226 7271/4

Mohindra Chand

General Manager, Barama Company Limited


Lawrence Lachmansingh

FLEGT Facilitator


Didier Devers

EU FLEGT Facility expert



Muriel Treibich

EU FLEGT Facility expert